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Day 2-3-4

Industrial Knowledge Days

With an appearance of 50 vendors providing different methods of construction, more than 10 sessions presenting the development of the interior architecture, and the thousand of exhibited materials, Industrial Knowledge Days in SEE+ Design Fair 2023 will be a series of workshops that equip valuable knowledge to the design and architecture community, equipping designers and architects with new solutions to enhance design efficiency and construction execution, also helping property owners make informed choices, purchase wisely, and understand optimal operational procedures.




Water & Pool - Air & Bathroom

Constructing a pool is a trend for any familíes that have demands of the luxurious living and relaxing space as resorts.


Especially, utilizing a rooftop in the apartments has become a necessity. However, a process of construction and operation leads to many challenges for investors, designers, and project contractors: Drainage and anti-flooding system to prevent the pool from overflowing; water treatment and disinfection cluster; Waterproof layer for both floors and walls… SEE+ 2023 will share about the great methods to solve these challenges.



Water and pool

A healthy house from the inside

On average, we breathe about 18 kg of air every day. Therefore, the quality of air, directly affects the human life, especially in the housing space. On the other hand, there are many threats for human health from household items that spread the intangibles gas such as formaldehyde, V.O.C, lead, mercury, and mold. We can protect our family from the first stages of building a house: coming up with design ideas and choosing materials.


At SEE+, we will introduce several air methods through unrelated materials such as plasterboard, paint, anti-fouling surfaces and a number of other solutions, contributing to creating a healthy home from the inside.

Water saving but not uncomfortable

A modern lie, a convenience is a top priority. Nowadays, bathroom is usually arranged in the center, and in the bedroom, which is convenient for personal activities. For this reason, a problem of ventilation and exhaust system becomes a crucial one.


Besides, the amount of water in the bathroom take up the large amount of total water in daily life. Saving water without reducing a comfort is a difficult issue. SEE+ 2023 will illustrate solutions that help to save water consumption in the bathroom without reducing the customer's user experience.