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Explore the 5km route every day through still life photography

27 September 2023

5 kilometres! Everyday! What is the connection between walking and still life photography?

Where static turns into dynamic, quiet turns into turbulence, and pictures transform into life; where light can tell stories, lines can think and materials can create emotions. Experiences seem surreal in the field of Still Life Photography because the past and feelings of seemingly inanimate items become vivid!

In Kien Dau Tai #13, let's explore Still Life Photography with photographer Monkey Minh, who was dubbed the "prince of photo installations" by ELLE magazine. We will start with Mr. Minh's daily 5km walk, where he finds inspiration for his photo shoots. Then we will take a tour of CARA lighting's light lab to learn how light shapes our observations and emotions in life. These two ‘walks’ will inevitably lead to a very lively discussion about the relationship between still life photography, light and observational practice.

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