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SEE+ Design Fair 2023 isn't just a gathering place for renowned design and furniture companies; it's also a dedicated space for young talents who have a passion for design. We're constantly on the lookout for young creatives with products that reflect a strong personal style. Together, we're creating a diverse event with many different shades.


More than just an event, SEE+ Design Fair 2023 is an opportunity for you to experience, learn, and connect with industry-leading individuals and brands in the field of design. It's a place where you can exchange ideas, seek collaboration opportunities, and, most importantly, inspire the young design community in Vietnam.


It's not only about showcasing your uniqueness and personal touch, but also about bridging your creations closer to the Vietnamese market and even beyond, on an international scale. We welcome all that is extraordinary from you!


Contact us now to become an indispensable part of SEE+ Design Fair 2023!


For more information on registration, exhibition, and sponsorship, please visit:


Empowered by: Design Complex

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