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CARA Lighting Solutions is a specialized provider of comprehensive lighting solutions with over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry in Vietnam.

We take pride in earning the trust and collaboration of designers and architects in prestigious projects throughout Vietnam and neighboring countries. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services has consistently earned us the appreciation of our valued customers.

In particular, at CARA Lighting Solutions, there is also a "custom-made" option - the ability to customize decorative lights to suit the design needs, with the key focus being to convey the essence and unique characteristics of the product through its design, materials, and product safety structure, order to showcase the homeowner's aesthetic taste and style.

And we go beyond showcasing artistic lighting products from renowned brands worldwide. We also have a light lab dedicated to testing and ensuring the quality of light, offering efficient lighting solutions for both domestic and international projects right before your eyes.


Thông tin liên hệ/ Contact Information:
Ms. Như Quỳnh
Hotline: (+84) 28 3833 3335
Vị trí/ Location: SR 106

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