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Asahi Group was founded in 1966, headquartered in Toyokawa, Japan. We started manufacturing manually with products such as Toshiba TV cabinets, audio cabinets, insulating cabinets and interior products for Toshiba Group in the Japanese market. A&M Vietnam Co., Ltd is one of the member companies of Asahi Group established in 2005 and has a long experience in the production force of high -end furniture products according to the process and standards. Japan quality. Asahi aims to and pursue the goal of creating environmentally friendly and safe interior products for users. Our criteria are always concerned about the user's feelings about comfort, relaxation and absolute satisfaction during the use of the product. Asahi's interior products are designed in European style with delicate lines, luxurious designs, high -quality materials; Bring a sense of smoothness, firmness and comfort when sitting down. Besides, customers can choose the details according to their own preferences and style: size, leather material, color, decorative line ... The main product line: Bosco, Bridge, Elegance, Limited Dura, Dura, Crossover. Main market: Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Europe, USA. In addition to meeting the order needs of international shoppers, we have established the brand "Asahi Furniture" in Vietnam market with the desire to expand and develop the distribution system of the product lines of the product lines We go to Vietnamese consumers through trade companies, retail showroom systems of high -end furniture product lines in Vietnam.


Leather sofa tailed as required

Living room furniture/ Living Room Furniture

Dining room furniture/ Dining Room Furniture


Thông tin liên hệ / Contact information: Mr. Đặng Ráng
Hotline: +84 (0) 937 816 636
Vị trí / Location: SR 208

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