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Japanese architectural ceramic tiles have been become the top priority product line for modern, sophisticated, minimalistic but not monotonous building and architectural works in Vietnam due to their outstanding design, but also their functionality, size, weight, texture, ease of handling, and durability, resulting in high quality. JTW Vietnam has launched a line of high-class printed tiles manufactured and imported directly from Japan. With a collection of 254 textures and colors inspired by traditional Japanese images, you can freely choose and mix together to create your own special project. Additionally, you can also design your own textures and have them printed on the tiles. With the quality of one of the oldest brick manufacturing industries in the world, the surface of the tiles helps to highlight the texture from afar and is not affected or faded even by cleaning chemicals. JTW Vietnam firmly believes that this is the better choice for your project


Thông tin liên hệ/ Contact information:
Ms. Bảo Ngọc
Tel: 0869 899 479
Vị trí/ Location: SR 101

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