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KOVA Art Stone Paint is an artistic and high-quality product that is comparable to the natural beauty and solidity of stone. With its solid protection features and rich color system, KOVA Art Stone Paint is suitable for a variety of construction types and architectural styles.

Main features of KOVA Art Stone:

The surface resembles natural stone. Durability up to 20 years 

Stretchy paint film covers cracks up to 2mm

Easy to construct angular details that cannot be cladding natural stone such as curved surfaces, with many complex motifs (statues, reliefs, fences,...)

The finished surface reflects light creating a sparkling effect.

The ultra-light stone structure does not increase the building load.

Ability to apply on many different surfaces (metal, wood,...)

Resistant to staining and moss mold.

KOVA Art Stone has a very low VOC content, ensure health safety for painters and homeowners.

KOVA Art Stone was born for more than 25 years, along with many major projects nationwide and around the world such as: Shing Mark Medical University Hospital, Imperial Hotel, Don Bosco Church, Saigon Pearl, Vivo City, MRT, and Ng Teng Fong Billion Dollar Hospital at Singapore, etc.,


Thông tin liên hệ/ Contact Information:
Hotline 1900 63 64 51
Vị trí/ Location DB 231-232
Website: Tập đoàn Sơn KOVA (
Facebook: Sơn và Chống thấm KOVA

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