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Swisspearl Fiber Cement is a leading European Green Material from Switzerland, the ideal choice for quality facades, ceilings, roofs, balconies, and interior partitions with outstanding durability and high aesthetic value.

Swisspearl fiber cement board is outstanding durability, meeting the standards of resistance to thermal shock, impact, termites, and rotting. The Swisspearl façade provides a protective layer for the building, well resisting the harshest weather conditions.

Swisspearl has a diverse collection of colors with more than 100 distinct color codes and patterns divided into 8 different product lines with their own unique features, promising to bring endless inspiration to architectural design, contributing to creating beautiful works while protecting the environment


Thông tin liên hệ/ Contact information:
Ms. Quỳnh
Tel: +84 937 928 065
Vị trí/ Location: DB 216

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